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5 tips (from a Photographer) for planning the perfect Mardella Meadows wedding

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Every wedding venue has its quirks, its hidden gems and its own personality and Mardella Meadows is no exception. If you're looking for a stunning, rustic, farm-style wedding venue for an all-in-one ceremony and reception then Mardella Meadows should definitely be on your list to visit when searching for the perfect place for your wedding.

A newly married couple popping a bottle of champagne in front of the Mardella Meadows sign.

I started working with the owners of this beautiful property back when it first opened in 2022. I was only a few years into my journey as a full-time wedding photographer and they were just about to embark on the huge undertaking of converting this stunning property into a new wedding venue just 50km south of Perth's CBD.

The first time I drove down the tree-lined driveway made my way through the secret garden and into the barn and stared out into the meadows at the stunning sunset, I knew immediately that this was going to be one of my new favourite places to capture weddings.

So, after having shot numerous weddings at Mardella Meadows for the past two years, I feel it's time for me to give out a few tips to anyone planning a wedding at this beautiful venue.

But, before I go on, please remember that these tips are from a photographer's point of view and are based on my ideal day that results in couples receiving the best possible images of one of the most special days in their lives.

A bride and groom walking across the paddock at Mardella Meadows during sunset with an old windmill in the background

1. Keep your schedule flexible and allow some extra time

Mardella Meadows offers so many beautiful spots for photos, but the key to capturing the best moments is flexibility. Allow some extra time in your schedule for unexpected photo opportunities and little moments that make your wedding day unique. A flexible timeline ensures that you can make the most of the venue’s diverse settings without feeling rushed.

2. Visit mardella meadows before your wedding day

Take some time to explore Mardella Meadows before your wedding day. Visit the Secret Garden, the Lilac Lawns, the Barn, and the Stables (which have been converted into a beautiful chapel) to get a feel for the best spots for your photos. This not only helps you plan your day better but also allows you to visualise where you want key moments to happen, ensuring everything goes smoothly on the big day. If you're still not sure, have a chat with your photographer about where and when to capture the best images on your day.

3. Keep your guests close after the ceremony

After the ceremony, it’s tempting for guests to wander off to the barn to start the party, but asking your co-ordinator to help keep your guests close will save precious minutes as we round everyone up for the group shots and family shots that you won't want to miss. If you don't have a wedding coordinator on the day then just let me know, photographers generally have plenty of experience in wrangling a crowd together when needed.

4. Research the best lighting based on the time of year

Lighting is everything in photography. Mardella Meadows has stunning natural light, but it’s important to plan your day around the best lighting conditions. The golden hour, just before sunset, offers the most flattering light for portraits. By scheduling your ceremony to finish and start your bridal party portraits around 1-hour before sunset, you’ll get the most beautiful, warm, and romantic images. To save you some time looking up historical weather forecasts I've also put together a Golden Hour Wedding Timeline Planner that will take away any chance of missing those few ideal minutes of perfect light as the sun sets.

5. Get the formalities out of the way early

Try to complete the formalities like the first dance, speeches, and cake cutting early in the evening. This approach allows everyone, including you, to just relax and enjoy the rest of the night without having to worry about sticking to a schedule. It also frees up time for a few more spontaneous, fun photos of you and your guests dancing and celebrating.

A couple kissing during their wedding ceremony inside the Stables at Mardella Meadows

If you're planning your own wedding and looking for a Perth wedding photographer, I'd love to help you capture your special day. Contact me for more information or to book a consultation.


Mardella Meadows is a magical place, and with these tips, you can ensure your wedding day is as beautiful and stress-free as possible. Happy planning!



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